Mobile (Cellular) Tech and IoT (mainly) CEO & Founder. The other cool stuff - Sustainability, EV, ecargo Bike, EV & other big data, computing and edge computing, cycling accessories...

What started as a blog in the 2000’s, which I originally wrote myself in HTML, then moved over to existing Blogger platform around 2010 and now two decades later its all about video so here is the vlogger upate. Some of the original content is making the jump direct to video. Some of the content will still be around for a while in the old blog format, links below.  

Companies, Brands and Projects

Tracking and Sensors for EV, SDV, Air, Water, environment...
Award Winning MVNO Consultancy
Next Generation Mobile enabler for MVNO & Private 5G
Tubeless Sealant, Ceramic & Carbon Cycling Accessories

About Me

I always wanted to be in Aerospace, Automotive or Tech. The latter, until now, has been the only one that moves quickly enough for my liking and even then I like the fastest moving and most challenging parts of tech: Cellular / mobile MVNO and IoT. However Automotive is now changing and its needs merging with my core business focus and needs solutions that the slow moving areas of tech just come back and say “sorry there’s a chip shortage”… so please do check out my pages on Sustainability, EV and eCargo bikes; as much as I love cars and automotive – we cannot just keep trying to move 100kg of people or packages in a 2000kg vehicle for all journeys, irrespective of its drivetrain or energy source, and think we are heading towards sustainability… I also like bikes and the outdoors, became a 3T Brand Ambassador in 2018 and just renewed for 2023 withe the Racmax Ultra coming soon! Coffee, food and wine are in there as well for the ride.

Thinking differently and solving the biggest problems for the most innovative and some of biggest businesses in the world is not easy, and has its challenges. Sadly the biggest challenge of all over two decades has been  competitors who prefer to push the “sorry there’s a chip shortage” slow lane, or try and muscle in / copy your conference presentations to get business they cannot follow up further, and so the best way to counter these two issues I have found is to publish and talk about what I and my associates do. Emphasis on the do, not just talk about. Luckily for me, and hopefully for you,  I enjoy talking about and documenting and sharing what I do, pushing solutions forward and encouraging people to take the right approach, and so I  started some of the first blogs on MVNO, Mobile Apps, App stores, and more two decades ago,  and despite for me feeling I have been slow to come to video,  I feel it is time that the tech industry catches up fast, and moves a lot of the content over to video. Video has another advantage of being more authentic and genuine that the written word – which also has an advantage of not being easily (or credibly) plagiarised or copied, however has the disadvantage of relying mainly on just one platform and its algorithm which is still refining the “cats on roombas” algorithm which assumes infinate apetite for unathentic copycat videos; so please help me hail the youtube algorithm and if you like any of the videos on any of the channels please like, subscribe; otherwise the algorithm thinks it should still only show my content to the same 3 retirees in Iowa…

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"How can you profess to be on top of developments in AI and Metaverse if you are not part of the precursor, which is video" You cannot just go from in person and a static avatar to hologram / AI video without first passing through ... video. It's not about perfectly currated video, its about everyday youtube style video.

Some of my Customers

The humble Moka Pot - I have always found it alluring; visually and for its coffee: attempt 1

Be part of something new from the start - we are growing video content, both recorded and live webinars and events soon - creating content for people who work in and/or consume technology, automotive, EV, sustainability, bikes, food, coffee and wine. Let’s talk!

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