MVNO - Mobile Virtual Network Operator

I have spent most of my professional bringing complex mobile products to market successfully Mobile Virtual Network Operators being one of the main models, but also mobile apps and mobile app stores. I have an MVNO blog dedicated to this, but here are some key articles:

MVNO - Mobile Virtual Network

A presentation from a conference on how to cost effectively drive data revenue for MVNOs with a customer experience that does not outweigh the benefits is customer care calls.

MVNE, MVNA, MVNO Explained

All the different aspects of MVNOs can be overwhelming so here is a page that will hopefully help describe the different MVNO, MVNE, MVNA definitions.
MVNO, MVNE and MVNA Models in relation to the MNO and Service Providers

Mobile Virtual Network synopsis

A quick one page guide to MVNOs - hopefully get anyone up to speed as quickly as possible on MVNOs
Next Generation MVNOs vs. the original MVNO models

MVNO Tariff and Pricing

Every MVNO I have ever launched is still in business, one of the key contributors is getting the basics right like MVNO product and price as a key part of the overall MVNO marketing strategy. The key is, of course, to keep things simple, which is harder than anyone might think.
MVNO Tariff and pricing is fought with operational and strategic issues

Next Generation MVNO report

I wrote a report on MVNOs back in 2005 which was published by Pyramid Research. It was one of their top 5 best selling reports in 2005 and 2006, despite competition from much wider interest reports on WiMax and LTE, and appears to still be on sale. If you would like a copy get in touch, most of its predictions have proved right, some of the others are still getting there and in previous generation mode, mainly as the opening up of wholesale markets is taking much longer than any regulator or consumer would have liked or predicted in 2005, 5 years after the success of Virgin mobile. 

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